Activiy of Indowater COP

Indonesia is a rich country in natural resources, particularly in water resources. All common freshwater resources (rainwater, surface water, and groundwater) are abundant in Indonesia. But due to the lack of integrated of water resources management, Indonesia faces problems in water resources quality and quantity. Water quantity problems has been addressed properly than water quality. The fact that 68% of Indonesia rivers is categorized as heavily polluted shows the improper water quality management. In addition, the lack of community participation in all levels in water quality management worsen the condition. IndoWater CoP goal is to support government agencies at different levels to improve performance in river basin management through practicing community participation at all stages of integrated river basin management (IRBM). To achieve the goal, IndoWater CoP strategies are: (1) increase the knowledge and capacity of communities to participate in IRBM; (2) develop cooperative network with multi-stakeholders to share experience and practices; (3) advance NGO actions at local level to national policy level through joint lobby and advocacy. IndoWater CoP develops different kinds of activities which include research, develop multi-stakeholders negotiated platform, and lobby and advocacy.

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